News Roundup April 3rd

by Huey Chewwy in

Borderlands 3 release date, three more NES titles coming to the Switch next week, and get set for 3v3 action in Super Buckyball Tournament.

They came in peace…

Gearbox promised more info for Borderlands 3 today and while we got a few more details, this wasn’t the big reveal that you might have expected. The big piece here is that Borderlands 3 will launch on September 13th on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The new trailer shows a little more of the things you’ll be doing including names for the new vault hunters.

Moze is the Gunner that can bring her mech out when a little extra firepower is needed. Zane the Operative might be for the players who like to sneak their way in and surprise enemies with his emphasis on gadgets being a former hitman and all. The Siren this time around is Amara and she can summon ethereal fists to smash enemies which is pretty much all you need to know how badass she might be. And possibly the most creative class yet is FL4K who serves as the Beastmaster in which he can seek foul creatures onto enemies.

The game is now up for pre-order and there are as expected a few editions of the game for purchase. Perhaps the most notable is $250 Collector’s Edition that comes with an actual vault packed with goodies (figurines, map, lithographs) along with the Super Deluxe Edition’s goodies of the game’s Season Pass. One other takeaway from the pre-order page is that by clicking on PC Digital, the only retail store listed is the Epic Games Store. It appears that, at least for now, Borderlands 3 is not coming to Steam.

We’ve been waiting some time for Borderlands 3 and it will not be too long to see if the wait was worth it. Gearbox continues to tease by saying May 1st will be the day of the official gameplay reveal.

Dream on

Nintendo is adding three new NES titles to Nintendo Switch Online come April 10th. Those titles include Punch-Out Featuring Mr. Dream, Star Soldier, and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. If you’re unaware, SMB: The Lost Levels is actually the Super Mario Bros. 2 that released in Japan while the NES version was very, very different.

Not to be related to that 90’s cartoon

You might have heard of Baseketball but how about Buckyball? Well, you probably have not but that’s ok! Super Buckyball Tournament is a new 3v3 sports/action title coming from Pathea Games, developer of Planet Explorers and My Time At Portia.

To sum it up, Super Buckyball Tournament looks similar to Rocket League (3v3, goals on each end) but add in unique characters and power-ups to shake up the field. Each player has a unique power to pass, score, or attack the opposing team.

Super Buckyball Tournament is going to go into Steam Early Access in late 2019 with launches to consoles, including the Switch, to happen when the game fully launches. This strategy seems similar to My Time At Portia which was on Steam Early Access for months before officially launching on consoles. If you’re a fan of Rocket League or team games in general, keep this one in mind for 2019.