News Roundup March 5th

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Shakedown: Hawaii is coming soon and also exclusively to the Epic Games Store, Friday The 13th: The Game coming to the Nintendo Switch, Ultimate Chicken Horse celebrates its third birthday with a new free update, and new releases for the week.

Time for the shake

A little over two years ago Shakedown: Hawaii was revealed during the February 28th, 2017 Nindies Showcase. Work has continued since then but the game is almost ready to be released as detailed in a blog on the Vblank Entertainment website.

The game still has its 16-bit style and presentation that feels like the spiritual sequel to Retro City Rampage. Shakedown: Hawaii features three protagonists, featuring a CEO who is struggling with modern technology, his DJ son who wants nothing more than gangsta cred, and the right hand man doing a lot of the dirty work.

Race around on boats, take missions on foot, and drive up and down the streets but a new gameplay element is being added for Shakedown: Hawaii. Take on the role of the aging CEO with buying properties and gaining assets which will net you perks.

Entering the final phases, Shakedown: Hawaii is set to release soon for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, and PC. Just one catch, the PC version is coming exclusively to the Epic Games Store. Will it be exclusive forever? probably not.

go camping this spring

Friday The 13th: The Game is comes to the Nintendo Switch later this Spring. This is according to Variety who got the scoop from developers Gun Media. While there is not a cool name for the version coming to the Switch it does include all previously released content and DLC except for the “Savini Jason” character and Kickstarter exclusive clothing pack. Don’t expect anything new as a lawsuit filed last year by the franchises’s original screenwriter Victor Miller prohibits the team from releasing any new DLC.

Clever girl

Ultimate Chicken Horse celebrated its third birthday yesterday and in the process also released a new update for the game. Titled as the Transformidable Update, plenty of new things have been added to UCH. Eight character re-skins, jetpacks, and 20 game modifiers should add plenty of variety to your next game of chicken and horse.

This update is now live on all major platforms along with discounts to go along with each version!

New releases

Steam - 50 percent off ($7.49)
Nintendo Switch - 30 percent off ($10.49)
Xbox One - 40 percent off ($8.99)
PlayStation 4 - 40 percent off (8.99)

New releases for the week

March 5th

R.B.I. Baseball 19 (PS4, Xbox One, Switch)
Left Alive (PS4, PC)
Attack of the Earthlings (PS4, Xbox One)
12 Is Better Than 6 (Switch)
The Occupation (PS4, Xbox One)
My Little Riding Champion (Switch)
Eternity: The Last Unicorn (PS4, PC)
Beat Cop (PS4, Xbox One, Switch)
Pillar (Switch)
Nano Driller (PC)
Unknown Fate (PC)
Darkest Hunters (Switch)
Bard’s Gold - Nintendo Switch Edition (Switch)
7th Sector (PC)
Move or Die (PS4)
Space Bound (PC)

March 6th

I and Me (PS4, Xbox One)
Elevator…to the Moon! Turbo Champion’s Edition (Switch)
Crimson Keep (PS4)

March 7th

Summer Funland (PS4)
Hard West (Switch)
Valley (Switch)
Braveland Trilogy (Switch)
Ghoulboy (PS4, Switch)

March 8th

Devil May Cry 5 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn (3DS)
Assault Android Cactus+ (Switch)
Verti-Go Home! (PS4)
Monument Builder’s Rushmore (Switch)
ShellShock Live (Xbox One)
Paperbound Brawlers (Xbox One)