News Roundup March 22nd

by Huey Chewwy in

Sony hosting a video presentation on Monday that showcases upcoming PS4 titles, Microsoft doing their own indie game presentation, characters from the upcoming Hellboy film coming to Brawlhalla, deals on Steam, and Noob Saibot will give you headaches in Mortal Kombat 11.

Getting in on this video thing

Nintendo seem to do really well with their Direct video presentations and Microsoft is getting there, they just choose to do their presentation live rather than pre-record. We’ll have to see which route Sony takes when they debut State of Play, a presentation that provides updates for all things PlayStation.

The first episode debuts on Monday at 2:00 PM PT to show off new titles and gameplay footage for upcoming PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR titles. With Sony skipping E3 this year, this seems like the logical route for them to take.

Another indie video

With Nintendo just having a Nindies showcase, Microsoft will be doing something very similar with ID@Xbox Game Pass. This video is more or less going to be very similar to Nintendo’s Nindies presentation with new game announcements and gameplay footage. However, we do know three of the titles that will be featured. Afterparty, Void Bastards, and Supermarket Shriek will be featured.

You can catch the presentation when ID@Xbox Game Pass debuts on Tuesday, March 26th at 9:00 AM PDT.

Bringing the heat

If you’re not aware, a new Hellboy film is almost upon us. Tying in with the movie, Lionsgate and Millennium Media are teaming with Ubisoft to bring four characters from the upcoming film to Brawlhalla. Ben Daimio, Nimue, Gruagach, and Hellboy are making their way to Brawlhalla this April where they are sure to fit in quite nicely.


There is a little something for everyone on Steam this weekend. XCOM 2 is free to play as well and 75 percent off. Cities: Skylines is also temporarily free to play and heavily discounted. A fan of Ubisoft titles? The publisher has a big sale currently on Steam with titles all throughout their catalog.

Giving opponents the splits

Last appearing in Mortal Kombat (2011), Noob Saibot had one of the more impressive fatalities in the entire game. Can he up the ante in Mortal Kombat 11? You can find out for yourself as ol’ Noob has been added to the roster of MK 11. Or you can watch his reveal trailer below.

Also of importance is the announcement of the first DLC character, Shang Tsung. Considering one of the stages takes place on his island, it seemed likely that he would make an appearance.