News Roundup March 14th

by Huey Chewwy in

Turtle Rock Studios announces their new title Back 4 Blood, Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission arrives on April 5th, Castle Crashers teased for the Switch, Bloody Palace returns to Devil May Cry 5 as a free update on April 1st, Steam Link has a new beta build that allows you to take it anywhere, and new Sniper Elite titles announced.

Time for a comeback

After the success of Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock Studios followed up with Evolve a few years back. The result was a game that was not bad but the hype it built it faded relatively quickly. Even going to a free-to-play model didn’t bring in a steady player base.

Now Turtle Rock is moving on to their next title, Back 4 Blood. It seems like a good decision for the studio to go back to what made them a success in the first place, co-op zombie shooting. Not much else is known other than WB Games will be handling publishing duties. No release window or platforms were named, perhaps this title shows up at E3 in some capacity.

My deck is better than yours

Deck building games and Dragon Ball? Bandai Namco hopes this fusion will be a strong one as they’re releasing Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission on April 5th for the Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Variety should not be an issue here as there are over one thousand cards to collect and 350 character cards, meaning you can get quite creative when building your deck. But choosing which cards to take into battle is only the half of it as you’ll also decide placement on the board each turn. Push a card up to increase attack power in expense of stamina or hang cards in the back to regain said stamina.

Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission features characters from the franchise’s different series. If you’re a fan of Dragon Ball keep an eye out for this one in early April.

Better bring a gallon of bleach to clean up the mess

As promised, the Bloody Palace will be returning to Devil May Cry 5 as a free update. The mode will be made available on April 1st for all platforms.

Getting the band back together

Konami’s one to four player Xbox Live arcade title Castlevania: Harmony of Despair is going backwards compatible today for the Xbox One. Maybe not the most cherished of titles but one of the more odd Castlevanias in recent memory.

Hope you got one when they were dirt cheap

With Valve getting set to push Steam Link steaming for mobile devices in the near future, it seems the actual Steam Link hardware still has some use to it. Available in early beta is Steam Link Anywhere, allowing you to take the Steam Link and use it anywhere

Previously the Steam Link would allow you to stream to devices such as a TV through your home network provided a Steam account was also on the network. This new feature pretty much allows you to take the Steam Link and play wherever you like without the hassle of packing up a PC. Think about the potential for LAN parties!

Now you’ll need to make sure the PC that your Steam library is on has a good upload speed and that the Steam Link has a good connection too. As a reminder this build is in beta so expect a few bumps in the road.

Snipers abound

Rebellion knows that players like two things, shooting nazis and shooting them in the groin. Sniper Elite may not be a top tier franchise but its following and critics enjoy it. All that said, there is going to be more Sniper Elite coming in the near future.

First off is Sniper Elite V2 Remastered that will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC this year. The visuals get an update, all DLC released will be included, and there are multiple playable characters.

The Nintendo Switch will also be getting Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition in 2019 that brings all previously released content into one package.

For those wanting something new in the series, there are two things to look forward to. First is the development of a standalone Sniper Elite VR title being developed with Just Add Water. Finally, a sequel to Sniper Elite 4 is in the works though the game is still a year away from being revealed.

Crashing onto the Switch

The Behemoth, makers of Castle Crashers, posted an interesting picture on social media. As you can see below, the picture features four Nintendo Switch Joy-Con colored as the starting four knights in Castle Crashers.