News Roundup February 28th

by Huey Chewwy in

The new Devil May Cry 5 trailer gets pretty deep into the story, Anthem loot update, Deep Rock Galactic free to play on Steam this weekend, and The Season of the Drifter outlined for Destiny 2.

To the viewer goes the spoilers

Great news Devil May Cry fans, Capcom has released a trailer for Devil May Cry 5. We’ve seen plenty of gameplay in previous footage and this trailer flips the script to dive into the story. if you want to be spoiled on a few story details, the trailer is here to watch. Otherwise, just wait a week until March 8th.

And then he said “Let there be loot!”

Anthem might have only been out for a little under a week but Bioware is making a few changes to how the loot system works. The update is bringing a number of fixes to loot including inscriptions now being more useful to the items they are on. Uncommon (white) and common (green) items are being removed from level 30 drop tables. Crafting masterworks should be a little easier with the amount of masterwork embers being reduced from 25 to 15. The full list of changes can be found on Reddit. As when you can expect this update, the post says that it will be live today or tomorrow on March 1st.

Free up your weekend

Looking for something to consume this weekend? Steam has both Deep Rock Galactic and Space Engineers free for all to play until Sunday 1 P.M. PT.


The first big update to Destiny 2 since the split with Activision is coming very soon. This next content drop is about The Drifter (no not Alias) and uncovering more mysteries surrounding him and his dealings with the Nine.

There are plenty of new activities for all players regardless if you just have the base Destiny 2, the Forsaken DLC, or the Annual Pass. Below is a roadmap of what is to come in the next several months and one detailing what we’ll see in The Season of the Drifter.

Destiny 2 is not slowing down and Bungie is clearly committed to keeping the content coming as long as the players do. Between Anthem, the new content for Destiny 2, and The Division 2 launching in a couple of weeks, there is plenty of things for players to do in the next month.