News Roundup February 25th

by Huey Chewwy in

A wild west survival game is coming to Steam Early Access, three Resident Evil titles coming to the Switch in May, and Chex Quest is getting an HD Remaster.

Some might be looking for redemption

While it may not be the “it” genre at the moment, survival games still get plenty of attention. Outlaws of the Old West puts players back in time to build their encampment and survive against the numerous bandits and dangerous wildlife.

Action in the trailer includes fighting and running from bandits, foraging for goods, chopping trees, hunting wildlife, and relaxing with a bit of fishing. Virtual Basement is the developers behind this trip to the ol’ west after having helped on development for ARK: Survival Evolved you can see some of that influence in the gameplay.

Outlaws of the Old West is going to hit Early Access first on Steam before coming to consoles. That might be needed as some of the footage is a little choppy and the extra time on development would likely be beneficial. See if you got what it takes to survive in the wild west when this title launches on March 12th.

Haven’t I seen you before?

Remember Capcom announcing that three Resident Evil games are coming to the Switch this year? It’s gonna be May" when you can get your RE fix on the Switch. May 21st is when Capcom will release Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster, Resident Evil HD Remaster, and Resident Evil 4. All three games will be coming digitally to the Nintendo eShop.

Just as a quick bit of information, all three titles will be available as separate downloads for players in Europe. North America will see a physical release of the Resident Evil Origins collection that bundles RE 0 and 1 together. Guess you’ll have to settle for RE 4 digitally only.

The HD remaster you never knew you wanted

In addition to having about 200 flavors to choose from, special goodies in cereal boxes during the 90’s were pretty spectacular. Baseball cards, spoons, race cars, and even CD games could be included in cereal boxes that thousands of kids would beg their parents to buy just for that one item.

Becoming a cult hit, Chex Quest was a game that people didn’t know they wanted. Yes, it looked like a DOOM rip off and it was aimed at a younger audience but the game is still cherished even today that the game made an appearance at Awesome Games Done Quick 2019.

Both getting a copy of the game and operational on your modern PC might be a challenge. But there is another way coming that everyone should be able to enjoy, an HD remaster. Chex Quest can be put on the list of games getting the HD treatment. The visuals are still somewhat simplistic but they’re in 3D now and still look to retain the charm of what made the original a cult classic.

Chex Quest HD does not have an official release date but it will be free to all once it is completed.