News Roundup February 20th

by Huey Chewwy in

Media Molecule is bringing Dreams into early access this Spring, Red Dead Online’s beta gets a new update next week, and a modding platform for Paradox Interactive’s Surviving Mars has opened.

Interesting for a platform that does not formally have “Early Access”

One of the more innovative titles coming for the Playstation 4 this year is Dreams. Media Molecule’s creation game has turned some heads with its recent beta and things are ramping up as the developer opens the title up to more players.

dreams early access 3.jpeg

Media Molecule is releasing Dreams in Early Access for the PS4 this Spring for $29.99. Not everything in the full game will be in the Early Access version but all of the tools that Media Molecule utilize will be there. As they explain in the PlayStation Blog, getting the game out to more people can help the game find audiences with both new players and more experienced gamers.

Even though Sony does not really have an Early Access program, they more or less seem to have adopted the Early Access label here for Dreams. The price seems right for the game in its current state, but there is no news if that goes up to $60 when it hits 1.0.

Still a beta

An update to Red Dead Online’s beta will add new Free Roam events, weapons, emotes, and clothing options. Maybe the biggest addition gameplay wise is the Fool’s Gold Free Roam event that tasks players with controlling a golden suit of armor while blasting away at opponents. If something a little less stressful is your thing than the Fishing Challenge might be up your alley. The good news is you won’t be blasted by a random player during these Fishing Challenges. This update is scheduled to hit Red Dead Online’s beta next week. You can read more about the changes by clicking here.

Modding your survival

Applying some custom content to a game can usually extend one’s enjoyment with just about any title. Paradox Mods launcher will allow players on GOG, Xbox One, and the Paradox Launcher to search for and download mods for Surviving Mars.