News Roundup January 9th

by Huey Chewwy in

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 going to the Epic Games Store instead of Steam, PC specs for the game also revealed, and two more NES titles coming to the Nintendo Switch Online service next week.

A turning of the tide?

While certainly a game to keep in mind for the early part of 2019, The Division 2 is only a little over two months away from launch. Ubisoft has rolled out the PC specifications today so check to see if your rig can handle the action. There are even PC specific features such as uncapped frame rate and resolution support, 4K, customizable HUD, and more. If you want to get more nitty gritty about the specifications, check out the latest post on the Ubisoft blog or check out the graph below.

Also within this news of PC specifications is another item of note, The Division 2 is coming to the Epic Game Store and, at least it seems this way at the moment, NOT to Steam. We have to imagine that buying the game from the Epic Games Store will connect to Uplay in the same way that Steam handles Ubisoft titles. There is no confirmation that The Division 2 will not be sold on the Steam platform ever, but the blog very specifically states that players can get the game on the Epic Games Store or Ubisoft Store.

A major publisher bringing their game to Epic’s new store should not be surprising but seemingly skipping Steam altogether is shocking.

Links to the past

Starting on January 15th, the Nintendo Switch Online service will add two more NES titles to its growing library, Blaster Master and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Even if it is only two games coming to the Switch this month, they are two standout titles from the NES library.