News Roundup January 23rd

by Huey Chewwy in

Details from today’s Indie Highlights video from Nintendo, Count Dooku comes to Star Wars Battlefront II, and Farming Simulator is getting an eSports league.

Good stuff here

Nintendo of Europe’s Indie Highliights video was short and sweet to the point. Nothing ground breaking was revealed here but the Switch is getting some great indie titles in 2019. Here are the bullet points of the indie presentation.

Wargroove, the Advance Wars-like title, is coming to the Switch on February 1st. The title is also launching for the PC and Xbox One the same day. PlayStation 4 players will have to wait just a little bit longer for their version.

If you’ve played Guitar Hero or Rock Band, you know that heavy metal and rhythm gameplay mixes well. But what about adding shooting to that mix? That’s what you get with Double Kick Heroes. Over 30 original songs have been recorded for the game which will launch for the Switch this Summer. Can’t wait to play this one? Double Kick Heroes is also on PC via Steam Early Access.

Fans of Bridge Simulator might get a kick out of When Ski Lifts Go Wrong. It is about the same premise where players must build lifts and paths to guide skiers and bikers to their destination. With its cartoonish nature expect some funny momentsl, even when your ski lift decides to crumble. You can grab this title starting today on the Nintendo Switch.

The world is yours to explore in Forager. Imagine a 2D top-down open-world title that combines elements such as resource gathering, farming, and frantic dungeon gameplay. That is what awaits players in Forager, a title coming soon to the Nintendo Switch along with the Xbox One and PC.

A surprise hit in the literal sense, Goat Simulator: The GOATY is available now on the Switch and includes all the previously released content on other platforms.

What it might lack in color Inmost surely makes up for it with atmosphere and intrigue. Following three playable characters through an interconnecting story, the 2D art style is beautiful and should be one to keep an eye out for when it launches this year.

Taking place in a fantasy world that can be played solo or co-op, Unruly Heroes sure does give off those Rayman Legends vibes. Interested in this one? Unruly Heroes is available now for the Switch and on PC.

Nailing its design and style, CrossCode will be coming to the Switch later this year in 2019 with some exclusive content as well.

Those SteamWorld titles seem to be a big hit and Image & Form look to do something a littler different. Coming first to the Switch in 2019, SteamWorld Quest is an RPG card title where your actions are dictated by what is in your deck. The footage shows that the gameplay and SteamWorld go together pretty well.

That concludes the Indie Highlights video presentation, what did you think of what was shown?

But has everyone been looking forward to this?

A new update for Star Wars Battlefront II adds Count Dooku to the fight. Bringing with him a host of abilities and his unique curved lightsaber handle, players can get access to Count Dooku for 35,000 credits. Other fixes and changes have been made in the Darth Tyranus update and details can be read by clicking here.

So who is playing mid… corn grower?

The hardcore simulation titles of everyday activites such as bus driving, truck driving, and even farming have kind of taken on a life of their own. While they seem to be niche titles here in North America, they’re really big in Europe. Maybe this is the reason for the creation of the Farming Simulator League.

Yes, you really read that correctly. We’re not sure if competitive farming is an attractive eSport but it looks like we’re going to find out. The league will have 10 full-fledged tournaments in Europe, sorry North American friends. I guess when they say everything will become an eSport, they weren’t kidding.