News Roundup August 9th

by Huey Chewwy in

A new update is coming to No Man's Sky this week, Gearbox holding a closed technical test for a new first-person shooter, RAID: World War II releases in late September on PC and early October for consoles, Rez Infinite now available on Steam, and a pair of renowned indie titles confirmed for the Nintendo Switch.

Aiming for redemption?

It has been a rough first year for No Man's Sky and developer Hello Games.  After the rocky launch and reception, much work has gone into No Man's Sky to help improve complaints from players.  Addressing the fans today, studio head Sean Murray stated that a new update for No Man's Sky will be available this week.  The "Atlas Rises" update will focus on improving the game's central story while giving players the ability to quick travel between locations using portals.  Unfortunately, there are no patch notes at the moment but they will be available once the update is officially released.  Will this be enough for you to revisit No Man's Sky?

Great, so when is Borderlands 3?

Gearbox has a new, competitive first-person shooter in the works currently dubbed Project 1v1. As you might have guessed from the title, this game is focused on 1v1 combat with the metagame strategy of a collectible card game.

The IP is still in early development but Gearbox will be hosting a closed technical test this Summer.  If you're interested in participating in this test, sign-ups are now live on the game's website.

Taking it to the bad guys

RAID: World War II, being developed by Lion Game Lion and published by Starbreeze Studios, is coming to PC and consoles in the next few months.  The title comes to PC via Steam on September 26th followed by an October 10th release date on the PS4 and Xbox One.  Actor John Cleese has signed on to voice the British intelligence officer Control.  The console versions will see both a physical retail and digital release.

If you're unfamiliar with Raid: World War II, it has the look and feel of Payday, but with Nazis.  A title of this nature has the potential to catch on with players looking for a co-op experience.

A few quick announcements

Rez Infinite is now available on Steam.  The title supports both Oculus and HTC Vive VR headsets.  Don't have a Virtual Reality headset?  No worries!  Rez Infinite can still be played with a gamepad or keyboard and mouse.

Sometimes a picture is all you need.  Pictures posted on separate Twitter accounts confirm the existence of Super Meat Boy and Mutant Mudds Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch.  With the success of Nintendo's latest console, indie developers appear to be embracing the Switch as they bring hit titles to the new platform.