News Roundup August 2nd

by Huey Chewwy in

Lucioball and the Summer Games return to Overwatch, Persona getting three new spinoff games, Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 releasing next week, Minecraft: Story Mode Season One releasing on the Nintendo Switch, free DLC coming to Yakuza Kiwami, and play NHL Threes in the open beta for NHL 18.

The games are back

OVerwatch's special Summer Games event from last year returns on August 8th.  You can expect new Summer themed skins along with the ability to acquire ones that debuted the previous year.  The big addition to last year's event was Lucioball, and the mode returns this year with the ability to play ranked matches.  The developer update video above details some of the additions and changes to Lucioball along with more information about the event itself. Let the games begin.

Free 99

Fans waiting for Yakuza Kiwami's release later this month just got a dose of good news.  Four batches of DLC are scheduled for release in September, with one launching every week.  The best part is the DLC will be free.  Outfits, weapons, accessories, and more are coming your way shortly after the game's release.

Who needs all those cords anyway?

Sick of using a wired connection for your Xbox One controller on your PC?  Microsoft is releasing the new Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 next week on August 8th.  The adaptor will cost $24.99 and is able to support up to eight Xbox One wireless controllers.

More Persona on the way

Persona 5 is getting not one, not two, but three spin-offs in the near future.  If dancing is your thing, you might dig Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night and/or Persona 5 Dancing Star Night.  Both of these titles are being developed on the PS4 and are seemingly scheduled for 2018, though we do not know officially if these titles will head west.  Finally, Persona Q2 is in development for the Nintendo 3DS.  There's not much to talk about right now, but perhaps we'll know more about Persona Q2 later in 2017.

Start the story on the Switch

MC SM 202 1920x1080 no logos.jpg

Episode 2 of Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two debuts on August 15th.  Our heroes have made it back from the sea but there are bigger problems to deal with now.  Telltale has also announced that the complete first season of Minecraft: Story Mode will release on the Nintendo Switch on August 22nd in North America and on the 25th in Europe.  Available both digitally and at retail, the package includes the initial five episodes and the bonus three episodes from the "Adventure Pass" add-on series.

The mascots have something to prove

The new mode coming to NHL 18, titled NHL Threes, was shown in a new gameplay trailer.  The 3-on-3 action is what you would expect, but something you may not have expected is the inclusion of mascots!  That's right, if you want to take the mascot of your favorite team and show the opposition what's up, you're free to do so.  We also get a glimpse at the campaign mode in NHL Threes, which takes players across different areas of North America (chances are Europe might be included) to take on teams ranging from the WHL to the NHL.  

Itching to get in on the action?  The beta for NHL 18 is now open to everyone and includes the option to play NHL Threes.