News Roundup October 5th

by Huey Chewwy in

Street Fighter V is getting an "Arcade Edition" update, The Flame in the Flood coming to the Switch next week, Netflix slightly increasing prices on two of their subscription plans, Stanger Things: The Game now playable on your iPhone or Android device, two Fable games come to Xbox One via backward compatibility, first Psychonauts 2 gameplay, and each Xbox One X contains a little secret on the circuit board.

But not actually in arcades

An announcement that could be somewhat confusing, Capcom has announced Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.  You might recall that Capcom wanted those who purchased SF V to be the only version of the game they buy with gameplay updates/changes coming at no additional cost.  That is the case here but what does the Arcade Edition contain?

For starters, the much-requested Arcade mode will be included, although Capcom is "making sure it’ll be an experience rather than just a mode."  Each fighter will also be receiving a new V-trigger move giving them two to choose from that can be done before each match.  A gallery, extra Battle Mode, and a UI overhaul are all slated for the big Arcade Edition update.

street fighter v arcade edition.jpg

Now here is where things can get a little confusing.  Capcom will be selling Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on PS4 and Steam for $39.99.  This package includes the base game, the already mentioned Arcade update, and all previously released DLC fighters from Season 1 and 2.  If you already own Street Fighter V, the Arcade Edition update will be free of charge but will NOT contain the DLC fighters.

Even amidst the release of Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite, Capcom seems to have big plans for improving Street Fighter V.

Just a little more of your money

Subscribers to Netflix might want to pay attention to their registered e-mail account as the giant streaming service will be increasing the subscription price for two of their plans.  The Standard Plan, allowing two simultaneous streams and HD support, will be bumped up to $10.99, a one dollar increase from the previous price of $9.99.  The most expensive plan that includes 4K content and four simultaneous streams will see a two dollar increase from $11.99 to $13.99.

Now granted, these are not huge increases by any means but the increase does come close to the release of the second season of Netflix's popular series Stranger Things.  These new prices are in effect for new subscribers starting today while current subscribers will be notified on October 19th with the new prices being standard in the next billing cycle.

Straight out of the 80's

Speaking of Stranger Things, a 2D action adventure game is now available on the App Store and Google Play.  The game actually looks quite good with some great 2D sprite work and plenty of different sequences.  Stranger Things: The Game is also free to install so why not give it a go?

The Switch lineup is on fire!

The Nintendo Switch will be getting another indie hit on its platform.  The Flame in the Flood will be available on the Switch eShop next week on October 12th.

Is this cannon?

xbox one x scorpio chief.jpg

While most players will not be able to see it, every Xbox One X will be coming with the Master Chief.  More specifically, Master Chief riding a scorpion.  Unocero, a Spanish technology-focused YouTube channel posted a video of a disassembled Xbox One X where they point out the cool little easter egg.  This is obviously a callback to the codename for the X, Project Scorpio.  Add in Xbox's most recognizable character and you got an image that is equally appropriate and hilarious.

Start the series from the beginning

Two more Xbox 360 games are playable on the Xbox One.  Fable II Pub Games and Fable Anniversary are now backward compatible, meaning the entire Fable trilogy is playable on the Xbox One.

How exactly do you accurately model a goat's butt?

Double Fine is setting the standard with behind-the-scenes footage and documentation of games currently in development.  The latest video shows the first gameplay of Psychonauts 2 in celebration of the studio completing a major milestone with the title getting its first playable state.  The footage of the first Psychonauts 2 gameplay can be seen in the video below.