News Roundup July 28th

by Huey Chewwy

A few goodies come to the Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft, Oculus RIft support coming to Minecraft on Windows 10 soon, Rainbow Six Siege and ARK: Survival Evolved free for play this weekend on Steam, and DOOM getting free updates this weekend as well as a double XP event.

Might be hard to believe but Minecraft is celebrating its first year anniversary on Windows 10.  In celebration, Mojang is releasing a "Villains Skin Pack" and a roller coaster map made by the good people at Blockworks.  Both pieces of content are free.  Mojang has also announced that Oculus Rift support will be coming to Minecraft in the coming weeks.  As the juggernaut that never seems to let up, Mojang and Microsoft are doing their best to make sure that Minecraft is thoroughly supported with consistent updates.

Two games of note that are free for all to play this weekend over on Steam are ARK: Survival Evolved and Rainbow Six Siege.  The latter is also free for Xbox Live Gold members this weekend as well.  Both titles are discounted by fifty percent for the weekend as well.

Multiplayer updates are coming to DOOM this weekend to coincide with a Double XP weekend.  Two new modes and a few additions to Snapmap are included in the free update.  Sector is a capture and hold objective mode while Exodus is one-flag CTF.  Jump pads, Hell modules, and a customizable weapon wheel are updates coming to Snapmap.  On August 5th the first premium multiplayer DLC will be released.  Unto The Evil will include a new demon and three more maps that will be priced at $14.99.