News Roundup October 10th

by Huey Chewwy

Know the controls of WWE 2K17 in a new video, Wasteland 3 already funded, and Spareware now out on Steam.

Get to know the basics

It might be hard to believe, but WWE 2K17 releases tomorrow on several consoles to the joy of wrestling fans.  If you are planning on picking up the game, 2K has released a helpful video showcasing the basic controls of WWE 2K17.  Learn how to grapple, throw punches, do a five-knuckle shuffle and more with an in-depth tutorial video.

That did not take long...

After only three days on Fig, Wasteland 3 has met the campaign goal of $2.7 million dollars to fund inXile Entertainment's next game.  With twenty-four days remaining,  you can still get on board as either a backer or an investor.

Robot action

A new rogue-like experience has hit Steam in the form of Spareware, a local co-op experience with up to four players in the campaign simultaneously.  With 26 unique robot parts that affect the way you play, 12 weapons to take down enemies, and skill trees to fill, Spareware looks to be a fun couch game to play with friends.