News Roundup January 8th

by Huey Chewwy

Not too much for today, but an important member behind Marvel Heroes is leaving, and an update to Rainbow Six Siege has gone live.

Saying goodbye

As one of the men behind the ground-breaking Diablo, David Brevik went on to Gazillion to be the creative director of very similar project, Marvel Heroes.  For the last three years, David has held the position of CEO at Gazillion.  That ended today, however, when he announced his resignation from his position and the company.  No sour grapes here, as he is proud of the work he accomplished while at Gazillion and at the CEO position.  He states a desire to go back to programming and developing games, a big reason he took the position at Gazillion in the first place.  Brevik's plans are to go indie, and thanking the fans, team, and community for their support.

Patching yourself up

Ubisoft has a new patch for Rainbow Six Siege, which is appearing first on PC.  Improvements include PvP matches that feature more evenly matched opponents, a few bug fixes, and various other fixes that can be seen here.  The patch issued for the PC will be coming to consoles next week on the 14th.