News Roundup April 1st

by Huey Chewwy in

Just a little news from the Nintendo Direct...

Super Smash Bros.

Mewtwo is coming soon to Super Smash Bros, as in April 29th to be exact (for both Wii U and 3DS).  If you have purchased and registered both Wii U and 3DS versions of Super Smash Bros, then you will get a free download code on April 15th!  Otherwise Mewtwo will cost $3.99 for either Wii U or 3DS, and $4.99 for both. However, Mewtwo won't be the only DLC character as Lucas form Super Smash Bros. Brawl (and Mother 3) is returning to kick butt.  However, you will have to wait as Lucas will be released later sometime in June.  Also, costumes will be available for purchase that feature characters from the Legend of Zelda and Mega Man series.  These can be purchased seperately for $0.75 or $1.15 for both Wii U and 3DS versions.   An update coming soon to the game will feature support for metioned DLC, character tweaking, and sharing functionality on Wii U.  Finally, fans will have a voice on which character they want to appear in Super Smash Bros.  Fans can voice their opinion on who should be included and why.  The website has a fill in the blank feature, rather than choosing from a list of characters.

Mario Maker

Mario Maker is coming to Wii U this September.  Get ready for other information regarding Mario's 30th anniversary.  


Battle Dojo is a mode coming to Splatoon on Wii U that is a 1v1 mode with one player using the Wii U gamepad as a screen while the other player uses the tv as a screen.  The mode consists of players battling to pop the most balloons in a map.  Splatoon is also getting its own set of amiibo, which can be seen in the amiibo section.

Wii U Virtual Console

Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS games are coming to the Wii U virtual console.  There will be different ways to configure the DS games on the Wii U gamepad and three different control options for Nintendo 64 games.  If you are transferring N64 or DS games purchased on the Wii Virtual Console, a small fee of $2 will be in place. 

Animal Crossing

A new entry in the Animal Crossing series is coming to Nintendo 3DS; Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.  In this game, you must design rooms to suit the needs of different animals from the Animal Crossing series.  Which animals you might ask?  Well that depends on which amiibo card you scan.  That's right, Animal Crossing amiibo cards.  Scanning the card of an animal will put that animal in the game to design a room for.  Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and the amiibo cards will be available this fall.  Now what happens if you do not have a New Nintendo 3DS with NFC compatibility?  Not to worry, as Nintendo will release a standalone NFC reader that can be used for regular Nintendo 3DS and 2DS on the same day as Happy Home Designer's release.  

Mario Kart 8

The second Mario Kart 8 DLC pack is getting a bunch of new stuff.  Three new racers (Isabelle, Villager, and Dry Bowser), four vehicles (City Tripper, Streetle, and two more), and eight courses.  The pack will be coming this month on April 23rd.  More racing suits are coming for your mii's as well, coming from scanning certain amiibo.  Those include Villager, Wario, Bowser, Mega Man, PAC-MAN, Sonic, Toad, Olimar, and Rosalina.  


Get ready for more amiibo on May 29th.  These include Charizard, Ness, Wario, and Pac-Man among others.  We are also getting more Smash Bros amiibo in July and September.  July will feature Dark Pit and Palutena.  September will bring us Bowser Jr., Dr. Mario, Ganondorf, Olimar, and Zero Suit Samus.  Would you want an amiibo of Mewtwo or Lucas?  Nintendo thinks you do, as said in the video they will release figures of these characters as well sometime in the future.  Yoshi's Wooly World is getting an amiibo set as well... made of yarn.  Using the Yoshi's Wooly World amiibo will allow players to add another Yoshi to the game, even in single player mode.  The wooly Yoshi's will be available in green, pink, and blue.  As mentioned above, Splatoon is also getting its own set of inkling amiibo.  Tapping an inkling amiibo onto the gamepad will unlock specific missions based on the amiibo that was scanned.  Completing the missions unlocks special weapons and gear from the compatible amiibo.  The Splatoon amiibo launch May 29th alongside the game.  You can either buy the inklings separately or together in a three pack; which includes a squid, and both the inkling characters (boy or girl).

Looking for something else to use your amiibo for?  Nintendo has the answer on Wii U, with amiibo tap Nintendo's Greatest Bits.  This free download app will allow you to scan an amiibo and play a few classic scenes form NES and SNES games.  However, the games that you receive are not based on the amiibo you scan, but are random.  


Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem finally has a trailer, after being announced back in 2013.  This unique crossover is being developed by Atlus.  

Fatal Frame is coming to the Wii U, hope you have the courage!  You will be using your Wii U gamepad with three different characters to solve puzzles along with fending off enemies.  

The Talos Principle has gotten some interesting DLC that just dropped today.  Not an April Fools joke, the Serious Sam Voice Pack DLC is now available for The Talos Principle.  Replace the voice of Elohim with that of Serious Sam, along with a new in-game character model.  This voice pack DLC is now available for free on Steam until April 7th, which afterwards will cost $2.99.  If you are interested in The Talos Principle, it is 50% off this weekend on Steam as well.

If you're not familiar with the War Child charity organization, they help children across the world that are effected by war.  Helping give children a chance to become greater contributors to society by helping and supporting them is a cause we should all support.  Thanks to those who have purchased the War Child DLC for This War of Mine, as the proceeds have helped raise support for 350 children.  This includes psycho-social support to recover from trauma, informal education, school fees, livelihood support, and more.  You can still help support a great cause by purchasing the DLC until April 3rd.