News Roundup March 4th

by Huey Chewwy in

A bit of Windows 10 and Xbox news coming out of GDC.  First is the announcement of a few games coming to Xbox One, (and Windows 10).  #IDARB will be playable on Windows 10 tablets and PC, along with cross-play with Xbox One.  Upcoming MOBA Gigantic will be coming to Xbox One, and support cross-play between the Xbox One and PC versions.  Elite: Dangerous will also be making its way to Xbox One.  A short video showcasing developers discussing how development for games using Windows 10 was also shown, along with a slew of games at the end of the video.  Lastly there was Shovel Knight, which had a surprise cameo by a few familiar toads.  Oh Phil Spencer you continue to tease....

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain OFFICIALLY has a release date of September 1st of this year.  That date applies to the Xbox and Playstation platforms, with the PC version coming a little later on September 15th.  Along with the release date, a Day 1 edition and a limited Collector's Edition were announced.  The Day 1 Edition includes a map (physical edition only), and a few DLC items.  The Collector's Edition includes a special collectible Steelbook, exclusive packaging, a half scale replica of Snake‚Äôs bionic arm, and more DLC items and weapons.  PC owners will get all the Day 1 edition DLC when the game releases on September 15th.  The Collector's Edition will be exclusive to Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Evolve will soon be getting an Observe Mode, available for free on all platforms.  Using a custom game with 1-5 players, a sixth player can become the observer, with multiple cameras to choose from.  Feel like giving commentary to the match and broadcasting it to the internet?  You will be able to livestream matches while being the observer, and show everyone your true announcing skills.  

Valve is making some noise at GDC with a few announcements.  Steam Link is designed to allow gamers to stream games from their Steam library to any PC or Steam Machine connected to their home network.  Steam Link will support 1080p at 60Hz with low latency, and will be available for $49.99 when it launches.  Valve says it is looking to have Steam Machines on shelves this November.  The starting price point will be the same as current consoles, but will have higher performance.  Lastly the Source 2 engine was announced as the successor to Valve's original Source engine, which powered games such as Counter Strike: Source and Half-Life 2.  The big news here is that the Source 2 engine will be free to content developers.  You can read more notes regarding Valve's announcements at GDC here.  

Not all is good news today, as SimCity and Sims development studio Maxis has been shut down by EA.  This comes as a bit of a shock, not only to employees of the studio, but to the gaming community as well.  Development and support of SimCity and The Sims 4 is still ongoing, with a new expansion pack coming for The Sims 4.  Those projects are being handled by other studios owned by EA.

NVIDIA has revealed the GeForce GTX TITAN X, an incredibly new powerful GPU that is powering the VR experience "Thief in the Shadows."  The new GPU is designed with the new VR experiences in mind, giving developers the technology to accomplish their goals.  

A new prequel to Wolfenstein New Order is coming to Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on May 5th.  Titled "The Old Blood" players will again take control of BJ Blazkowicz, exploring new environments as well as returning to Castle Wolfenstein.  $19.99 will be the cost of admission when Wolfenstein: The Old Blood releases in early May.