News Roundup February 23rd

by Huey Chewwy in

A huge Neogaf posting by Mama Robotnik has unveiled the first footage ever seen of the cancelled Legacy of Kain game.  Titled Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun, the 30 minute video showcases combat, cutscenes, and general traversa.  It's a shame that this project was cancelled in 2012 after three years of development.  According to the posting, the game would not meet Square Enix's sales projections and was thus scrapped.  Not all of the work was lost apparently, as the multiplayer portion of Dead Sun was heavily expanded upon and released later as a free to play game on PC titled simply Nosgoth.  Check out the posting for lots more information on the game and what could have been.  How do you think the game would have been, and will we ever get another entry in the Legacy of Kain series?  

Coming to Playstation 4 is a crazy looking skill based game FutureGrind.  Described as Uniracers meets Olliolli, players must make their way through tracks made of rails while riding a futuristic motorcycle-sized vehicle called the "grinder."  There are three different color tracks; blue, red, and white, while the grinder has two colored wheels, red and blue.  You must match the right color to the right track (white seems to be a neutral color), or you will cause a short circuit which will cause trouble.  Making your way though the game will require getting through the tracks as quickly as possible while doing sweet looking tricks to build up points.  You can see a small teaser for the game above.  

The Playstation Vita has just hit its third birthday and Sony is wanting everyone to get in on the fun with a few free goodies and a big game sale.  From February 26th to March 3rd, Vita owners will be able to download a Toro and Friends PS Vita theme absolutely free.  Go and get a free 8-coin gold pack for free to play strategic match 3 game Fat Princess: Piece of Cake.  As mentioned before, there is a big sale on Vita games with prices varying depending on whether you have a PS Plus membership or not.  You can check out the full list of games  here and see if a game you want is featured.  

Axioim Verge will be coming to Playstation 4 on March 31st for $19.99, with Vita and PC releases coming later.  Heavily inspired by games such as Metroid and Contra, you play as a scientist that was awakened after a lab accident in a hostile alien world.  The game has a lot of different mechanics along with a very nice 8-bit style of graphics.  The Vita version will be cross-buy and coming sometime later this spring.  PC fans will have to wait a little longer as it is coming later this year but with no time table set for its release.

Coming soon for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices will be Marvel Mighty Heroes, a 4 player co-op real time action game.  Players will take their favorite heroes or villains from the Marvel Universe to defend the world from evil.  You can check out the game's Facebook page for announcements and head to the game's website to vote on the free hero at launch.  Its a battle of David vs Goliath as you can vote between the Hulk, or Rocket Raccoon.


Blizzard has given some details on patch 2.2.0 for Diablo III with some interesting developments.  Some features in the new patch will not be available in all regions.  Blizzard has posted the following features that will not make its way to American players

  • A new currency called "Platinum"
  • Timed experience boosts
  • New cosmetic items including wings, non-combat pets, and character portraits
  • References to stash space and character slot expansions
  • A new UI interface that references the above information


The post for this update goes on to state that quote "We recognize that many players have expressed an interest in microtransactions being added to Diablo III. While we may explore this model in some regions, we have no immediate plans to implement such purchases or the aforementioned features anytime soon for the Americas region."  With the closing of the auction house, it may be unlikely that we see any micro-transactions added to Diablo III in America (or Europe) for a while.  These new features will likely apply to regions more acceptable of micro-transactions.