News Roundup February 18th

by Huey Chewwy in

Free to play multiplayer game World of Tanks is making its way over to Xbox One this year.  Cross platform play between Xbox One and Xbox 360 is supported, which makes it one of the few to support that feature.  No need to worry about losing progress from Xbox 360 to the Xbox One, as your progress is saved to your gamertag.  This of course means that you could play on both systems and not lose any progress between the two systems.  A release date has not been announced quite yet, but we'll post it once when we find out!

Upcoming racing game Project Cars has unfortunately received another delay and will be releasing on April 2nd.

Square Enix has launched an all new online store with a complete revamp.  In addition to the new store layout, the Members Rewards program has been brought back with some improvements.  Users will be able to easily accumulate points by purchasing items from the store and redeem points for different types of prizes at any time.  Expect prize details to be shown and announced at a later date.  Simply signing up within the first week will earn you 50 points.  You can also earn 50 points by pre-ordering Final Fantasy Type-O HD Collector's Edition.

Patch #5 for Assassin's Creed Unity rolls out today and removes the need for using the mobile companion app and Initiates website.  Previously you would need to make progress in these two separate experiences away from the main game in order to unlock blue and gold chests scattered throughout Unity.  There is also a fix to the "Find Leon" objective in the Dead Kings DLC.  Patch #5 rolls out for Xbox One and Playstation 4 today, with the PC version getting the patch later this week.

EA is planning to give a little thank you to fans planning to play Battlefield Hardline that have previously delved into the Battlefield franchise.  Owning Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, or Battlefield 4 will net you the Veteran's Pack.  Included is an in-game Veteran's patch and two boosts, 200% each to Objectives and Teamplay (each boost lasts 30 minutes from activation.)  Owning any of the three mentioned games on any platform and having an Origin account will get you the Veteran's Pack.  Should you buy and register any of the three games after getting Battlefield Hardline, do not worry as you will still receive the Veteran's Pack.  Although it is nothing too huge, it's a nice gesture from EA's part to give returning players of the franchise a little thank you.

Another sad Kickstarter story as development on Steam game Stomping Land  may have stopped.  Posted earlier in January, in-game model designer Vlad Konstantino has failed to receive responses to five messages to Stomping Land creator Alex Fundora.  With Konstantino saying that Fundora still owes him money for his work, and is ceasing all work on The Stomping Lands.  The game's subreddit is blowing up with gamers angry over this latest development, and the game's Steam reviews are starting to take a nosedive with negative reviews.  After raising more than $114,000 on Kickstarter, this may be another sad case of the developer leaving with the money.

Just when you thought you weren't going to go back, Grow Home has received an update adding a little more content.  A new side quest has been added, tasking B.U.D. with collecting specimens and plant life.  You can see a short trailer above for the new update.  A list of bugs and fixes as well are included in the update.  For the full list, click here.