News Roundup November 12th

by Huey Chewwy

With the first NIntendo Direct since the passing of Sataru Iwata, games were the focus of this particular video.  Here is what was revealed.

A recent rumor came about that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was getting an HD version for the WIi U.  Turns out, that rumor is true!  This HD port is coming not only with enhanced visuals but amiibo support as well.  Tune Link, Princess Zelda, Link, Ganondorf, and Shiek will be supported for Twilight Princess HD.  But the big kicker here is a brand new amiibo will be bundled in.  Take a look at Wolf Link.  If you are an amiibo collector, this is one you might want to consider.  Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is coming to Wii U next year on March 6th.  

In the "hey we're mentioning it but still not talking about it" category is the yet unnamed Legend of Zelda Wii U title.  With just a brief glimpse of (presumably) Link on horseback, the title is still slated to be coming later in 2016 to the Wii U.  

Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes is getting some new free DLC in the Den of Trials.  Adding over 30 plus stages, asking that players defeat every enemy in order to proceed.  This update is coming on December 2nd.

Here is a bit of Pokemon news, including one unexpected announcement.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is coming on November 20th.  Every single Pokemon can be discovered, although you will only be able to control twenty of them.  

Remember Mario Picross?  Well Pokemon is getting the same treatment with Pokemon Picross on the Nintendo e-Shop.  Titled as a "free to start" title, expect this one in early December.  A brief mention of Pokken Tournament was shown.  While nothing new gameplay-wise to report, an amiibo card of Shadow Mewtwo will be included in the first production run.  Look to kick ass as pokemon in Spring of next year.

And in a rather unexpected reveal, Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow will be coming to the Nintendo eShop next year on February 27th.  While Nintendo is doing what they can to preserve the game the way it was, one welcomed change is being added.  On the original Game Boy, the only way to trade Pokemon between friends was with a link cable.  Fast forward to 2015, there are easier ways to do that.  By connecting to another 3DS via the wireless communication feature, you can live out your dreams just as you did in 1998.

Splatoon is getting some new updates later this year that includes new stages and items.  Look for these updates to come soon.  If you're looking to get a Wii U later this year, Nintendo will be releasing a bundle that features not only Splatoon, but Super Smash Bros. Wii U.

With over 3.3 million Mario Maker courses, it might be difficult to find a specific course from a friend or in a certain category.  Nintendo is trying to make up for that by adding a new portal website which allows you to search for courses in more detail.  The portal site will be available on PC or smartphone, although Nintendo did not say if this would be an app or not.  From the portal you can browse many different categories and favorite the courses you want to play.  Favorited courses will by synced automatically to your Wii U when you go to power it up.  Look for this update in December.

Animal Crossing amiibo Festival is getting bundled with two amiibo; Isabelle and Digby.  You can only get these two in the bundle, with Nintendo insisting that Digby amiibo is a limited quantity item.

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash is looking to spice things up, with co-op and online play.  Nothing like taking on someone across the world in Mario Tennis.  As seems to be the theme, Mario Tennis supports amiibo.  In a single-player Knockout Challenge Mode, players tap an amiibo to bring that character into the match.  Once completed, tapping that amiibo again saves experience points to that amiibo.  This amiibo can also be used in online double matches.  Expect Mario Tennis Ultra Smash on November 20th.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will undoubtly be one of Wii U's biggest sized games.  Nintendo has offered up four different file size packs for those wanting the physical copy of the game.  While not required, it is said that they improve performance.  If you are going the digital route, you can pre-order and/or pre-load Xenoblad Chronicles X.

Star Fox Zero has a firm release date of April 22nd.  

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam is adding amiibo support to aid the friendly brothers in their battles.  This game is sneaking in next year on January 22nd.

Final Fantasy Explorers got a little more footage.  An action RPG featuring many different characters from the franchise, up to four players can team up to take out the baddies.  Final Fantasy Explorers is coming on January 26th.  

If you are a Fire Emblem fan, this next piece is just for you.  While Fire Emblem Fates is getting two different versions of the game, similar to how the Pokemon series work.  Birthright and Conquest still play the same, but feature different stories based on a their respective factions.  These both will retail for $39.99, with a special half off download for the other version of the game packed in.  But how about a third story?  That's where Fire Emblem Revelation comes in.  This third story will be available later as an in-game download for both Conquest and Birthright.  Of course, there will be a special edition that will retail for $79.99 that features all three stories, along with an art book and a Nintendo 3DS pouch.  More DLC is in the works, with the first map being offered for free.

While Mega Man Legacy Collection has been available for PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 for a while, we got our first glance at it on Nintendo 3DS.  The 3DS has been known for a while, but a release date and special details were unknown until now.  Using the Mega Man amiibo, you can unlock 11 special Nintendo 3DS exclusive challenges to test your might on.  In what seems to be a running theme in this Nintendo Direct, the Mega Man Legacy Collection is getting a physical special edition that features a gold Mega Man amiibo.  All three versions of the Nintendo 3DS game (standard, special edition, and digital) will be available on February 23rd.  

Hyrule Warrior Legends for the 3DS is getting some new faces.  Tetra, Toon Link, and the King of Hyrule from The Wind Waker will add to the lineup of fighters.  A brand new female fighter named Linkle will be duel wielding crossbows on the battlefield.  For those wanting a female Link character, this is your wish come true.  You can play as Linkle and your other favorite Legend of Zelda characters in Hyrule Warriors Legends on March 25th of next year.  

One series that has not really caught on in America is Dragon Quest.  While there have certainly been games in the series that have been released here, they have not quite enjoyed the commercial success like other JRPGs, such as Final Fantasy.  Nintendo is looking to help bring more awareness to the series with the release of both Dragon Quest VII and VIII to the Nintendo 3DS.  Expect Dragon Quest VII in early summer next year with a specific date for Dragon Quest VIII yet to be revealed.  

And one final announcement from Nintendo... Cloud from Final Fantasy VII is coming to Super Smash Bros.  Take a breath.  Looks like he will come with his own special stage as well.  Expect more details as Nintendo is planning another broadcast in December focusing on Super Smash Bros.

Square Enix announced today that Life is Strange is getting a special limited edition coming to retail.  Along with a disc containing all five episodes, there will be a 32-page artbook, the full Life is Strange soundtrack, and director's commentary.  This limited edition of Life is Strange is coming to retail on January 19th.

Waiting for a game to install can be a somewhat impatient experience.  Leave it to EA to include what looks to be a rather enjoyable mini-game while waiting for the game to install; mowing down rebels as Darth Vader.  You can check out a video here to see how exactly this mini-game works.  Hint, just mow down people with a lightsaber as Lord Vader.  

Although it had a troubled launch and is a couple of years old, Battlefield 4 is still getting DLC.  In fact, the Legacy Operations DLC is coming later this year free of charge to the PC and current-gen versions of Battlefield 4.  Check out the trailer below for what you can expect in this new DLC.