News Roundup October 29th

by Huey Chewwy

Nintendo revealed quite a bit of news regarding the followup service to Club Nintendo and the first game coming to smartphones.  The new account system is the some-what blandly named Nintendo Account.  What it offers however is far from bland.  Like its predecessor, earning points towards this new account can be done by buying software.  In addition, points can also be earned by simply playing games.  Some of the things you can redeem your hard earned points for include digital content, original merchandise, and discount coupons.  The service also hints at Nintendo characters showing up around your birthday with the gift of a discount on a select game.  You might just get a visit from a character that is from the specific game you are currently engaging in, possibly giving hints to help.  The Nintendo Account is positioned to be easy to set up and use, by allowing users to log in via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Nintendo Network ID, or email and password.  This account can be accessed on your PC, smart phone, or dedicated game system.  Nintendo is eventually looking for this service to have a cloud save feature, allowing players to save game data to the cloud for use on both dedicated game systems and smart phones.

As for the first mobile title on smart phones, you might be disappointed.  Miitomo lets you create your own Mii, pick out your friends that you have registered, answer questions that are generated from the game, and that's about it.  Described as a "friendly communication starter" your friends will be given your answers to certain questions.  Nintendo seems to position this game as something to deepen friendly relationships, but what is shown so far seems a little iffy.  if you were expecting to play the first smart phone title from Nintendo this year as planned, I'm afraid I've got some bad news.  Miitomo is coming in March of next year, but will be free when it launches.  

Platinum Games sure is getting involved in a lot of projects.  Earlier this year, a sequel to Square Enix's Nier was revealed.  Today, a new gameplay trailer and name for the project was shown.  Although the gameplay seems very action focused, as is with projects developed by Platinum Games, Square Enix insists that RPG elements are still in the game.  Nier: Automata is coming exclusively to PS4 in 2016.

Those who are not a fan of creepy spiders will most likely avoid Evolve's next monster.  While the other monsters may look frightening in their own right, the Gorgon is likely the most terrifying.  Check out the trailer above to see the terror for yourself.  Or not.  Why?  Because screw spiders.