News Roundup January 5th

by Huey Chewwy in

Happy New Years!  Hope your holidays were filled with magic, love, and of course video games!

While Playstation Now has been in testing for a while, today Sony announced subscription options for the program.  Starting on Tuesday the 13th, PS4 users in North America will be able to sign up for the service.  Other Playstation Now devices will be supported in the future but no time frame has been given.  The subscriptions come in two different options: one or three months.  One month will cost $19.99 while a three month subscription will run $44.99.  With over 100 PS3 games, this may not be a bad deal if you frequently play games from the past generation.

Over the weekend on the Killer Instinct Forums, the fifth character for season 2 was announced.  While it appeared to be Gargos in the Riptor reveal trailer, the character is actually Omen, Herald of Gargos.  Drawing enough power from Shadow Jago, he is able to manifest on the mortal plane in physical form.  Although Omen is the fifth character, he is actually a bonus character with no story mode.  Omen will be available to those who have purchased the season pack that includes all characters.  Unfortunately, to those without the character pack Omen is not currently scheduled for individual purchase.  You can check out the forum post for more information regarding this new character.  

Currently going on now is Awesome Games Done Quick 2015, an event that helps raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.  If not familiar with the event (which run two times a year), several speed-runners gather to play different games over a variety platforms, with the goal to complete games as quick as possible.  Watching players fly through F-Zero GX flawlessly is very exciting to watch.  Making a donation not only helps the Prevent Cancer Foundation, but also enters you into contests for prizes (set at certain dollar amounts).  One of the sponsors, The Humble Store, has a special Humble Bundle to celebrate the event.  The event runs from January 4th to the 10th, running non-stop.  Go check out some games played super quickly (and flawlessly for the most part), and help fight cancer!