News Roundup January 21st

by Huey Chewwy in

PC's will now be able to stream games from Xbox One, revealed today by Microsoft at its Windows 10 event.  Are your PC and Xbox One in two separate rooms?  With Windows 10, that will no longer be an issue.  Along with streaming to PC, you will also be able to stream to a Windows 10 tablet.  Windows 10 will have an Xbox app where players will be able to do numerous things such as checking messages, sharing videos, and view achievements.  Cross-platform play is also confirmed, allowing you to play with/against players on PC while playing Xbox One (and vice versa).  The integration of PC and Xbox gaming that many had hoped for  will soon be a reality.     Windows 10 will feature a game DVR, working in the same way that the feature does on Xbox.  By pressing the Windows G+, gameplay from the last 30 seconds will be recorded and stored.

The wait for Elder Scrolls Online to arrive on Playstation 4 and Xbox One will soon be over.  Releasing on June 9th will be Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.  Why the added name at the end?  That's due to the game getting essentially a relaunch, changing its monthly subscription fee.  As with some subscription fee MMOs, a premium membership will be available in the form of ESO Plus.  Benefits of the ESO Plus membership includes currency in the new in-game store, access to DLC for the duration of your current ESO Plus memership, and bonuses to XP, gold gained, etc. Players on PC will be updated to Tamriel Unlimited for free, and current time left on their game subscription will be converted to ESO Plus time.  Increments of 30,90, and 180 days for ESO Plus can be purchased with the 30-day model starting at $14.99.  

Is Phil Spencer teasing a Battletoads game?  Appears to be the case, juding by the infamous logo on the T-shirt worn during the Windows 10 Event.

If you are a fan of card games (Magic: The Gathering type) then you will love the new Humble Bundle.  Here is a taste of what is available.

Pay anything (minimum $1 for Steam and content keys)

  • Scrolls (Full Version)
  • SolForge (Dinosaur Starter)(
  • Star Realms (Full Version)
  • Talisman Digital Edition and Talisman Prologue (Plus Two Character Packs)
  • Another game to be added soon!

Pay more than the average (currently $7.74)

  • Magic 2015 - Duels of the Planeswalkers Special Edition (Plus Garruk's Revenge Expansion)
  • Dominion Online (Seaside Expansion)
  • SolForge (Two Starts + Bonus Gold)
  • More Games to be added soon!

Playing $12 or more

  • Dominion Online (Intrigue and Prosperity Expansions)
  • Scrolls Humble Bundle Deluxe Pack
  • Card Hunter - Basic Edition (Premium)

Pay $35 or more

  • Humble Card Game Bundle Cards 'n Tee

Also check out the page as you can receive two free games; Card City Nights and Escape From the Aliens in Outer Space.