retron5 price increase confirmed

by scruffosaurus

in a demo with hyperkin's justin valero, from marketing and terrence, the marketing coordinator, they talk with ps nation during a showcase of the retron5. near the end (minute 34:55) the curious question about pricing is brought up. with the recent removal of pre-ordering on amazon and newegg, the price of the system was also not available anymore; it was previously listed at $99. there is not an officially set price yet, but what we do know is it will be "a little north of 100" and to land somewhere between "129 and 139". but a moment later they mentioned "we will probably end up at 139 price point for MSRP", and $139 is what we expect it to be.

it has been close to a year since the first projected release window of summer of 2013. they cite that the "price of the components have gone up, and we just got a little more ambitious with it" as reasons for the increase. along side of those issues, it has been almost a year since they expected to start making money from system sales. massive delays like these put large dents in sales projections and profits. compounded with system improvements that were not part of the original package, it is not a surprise the price increased. 


does the price hike change your mind about buying a retron 5? or is nostalgia worth the price to play these retro games with modern visuals? let us know in the comments below