News Roundup November 7th

by Huey Chewwy

Lot's of news coming out of Blizzcon.

Starting with perhaps the biggest of announcements is of a new IP, titled Overwatch.  Overwatch is a first person shooter which takes place on an advanced and highly stylized Earth, features a variety of characters and abilities. A task force made up of soldiers, scientists, adventures, and oddities known as the Overwatch try to restore peace to a war-torn world.  Overwatch is a first person shooter that   The gameplay trailer showcases many of different styles of play, while the beautiful Pixar-like opening cinematic sets up the story.  Players can sign up for the Overwatch beta which is scheduled for 2015.  

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void will be the last installment in the StarCraft II trilogy.  As a standalone game, Legacy of the Void will feature all new single player campaign missions, a new co-op mode titled Archon mode, and a new multiplayer mode in Allied Commanders.  The Allied Commanders mode allows players to take control of powerful commanders from the StarCraft universe, all while battling through scenarios and leveling up as they go.  Players can begin to sign up for the beta, although date for the beta is yet to be announced.

Hereos of the Storm will enter closed beta starting on January 13th, 2015.  A new trailer showcases some of the battlegrounds and characters, including the Lost Vikings.

The new expansion for Heathstone, Goblins vs Gnomes, was revealed at Blizzcon.  The expansion will add over 120 cards to the game, including a new minion type; Mechs.  These new minions will come in neutral and class specific types, making matches all the more interesting.  

The Humble Store turns 1 year old today!  To celebrate, the store has a few games on sale, as well as offering Metro 2033 for FREE!  All you need to do to redeem the free game is sign up with a valid email on the Humble Store.  While this is not the Redux version of Metro 2033, this is still a pretty sweet deal.  Hurry, as this deal expires in a little over 18 hours!