News Roundup November 19th

by Huey Chewwy

Those who want to drop into Titanfall will be happy to know that the game will be receiving a Deluxe Edition.  Included will be the core game plus all three DLC packs from the season pass, which contain nine new maps.  Titanfall: Deluxe Edition is available now on the EA Origin site for $39.99 for PC, and will be available next week for Xbox One users.  A video above highlights some of the updates that have been made to the game since launch.

Far Cry 4 is the latest game to join the list of games needing immediate patches to fix bugs and issues shortly after release.   Issues include crashes on the PC version, completely unplayable on Playstation 3, and codes for an exclusive pre-order bonus mission were either not sent or missing the code altogether.  It's a little sad that this is another big game that is shipping with issues.  If you are someone that was affected, you can visit the Live Update Blog on the FarCry 4 site for updates on incoming patches.  

After just recently going into open beta, voxel-based MMO Trove is receiving a brand new class for players to enjoy.  Wielding twin swords (or many other weapons, including spatulas), the Candy Barbarian leaves some supercharged sweets when attacking, helping surrounding players.  The new character costs 1050 credits, 5,000 cubits, or can be purchased in the Voxstar Starter Pack.  If you are interested in Trove, you can download the game here.