News Roundup November 17th

by Huey Chewwy

There are some game announcements that can bring many different reactions; happiness, sorrow, excitement, etc.  Then there is the new patch being added to the surprise hit Goat Simulator.  If you were thinking Goat MMO Simulator... give yourself a big pat on the back.  A new trailer (seen above) highlights some of the action that will take place in the new patch.  While the setting has been changed to a fantasy world, the craziness and hilarity are still present as ever.  The patch will hit this week on November 20th.


A brand new character for the Killer Instinct franchise has been revealed in the official Killer Instinct Forum.  Coming soon as part of Season 2 is Kan-Ra, who has an interesting backstory in the forum post.  Kan-Ra's moveset will likely involve a lot of dark magic attacks with matter manipulation.  Also revealed in the post is the unfortunate news that neither a PC or Xbox 360 version are in the works.  At one point there was a build of the game on Xbox 360 but was cut due to focus on the Xbox One build.  

crossing souls.jpg

In a graphical look that resembles an 80's cartoon and gameplay that resembles Legend of Zelda, Crossing Souls looks like a unique experience.  An action-adventure game with some RPG elements thrown in, players will take control of five different characters while battling enemies and solving puzzles.  The main element in Crossing Souls is the DUAT stone, an artifact that allows the main characters to travel to the death plane and encountering the thousands of souls that exist there.  Seen in the trailer, switching between the living and death planes will be needed to solve puzzles and interact with hundreds of NPCs.  Crossing Souls is planned for Windows, Linux, and Mac, and you can visit the game's kickstarter page for more information.