News Roundup October 2nd

by Huey Chewwy

Now, we have seen some cross overs in gaming for a while,  Capcom vs SNK, Kingdom Hearts ( Final Fantasy and Disney ), Solid Snake in Super Smash Bros, the list goes on.  But this is one, unexpected cross over.  Hulk Hogan is coming to Crazy Taxi: City Rush, and he's bring his 24 inch pythons and big personality with him.  Special Hulkster missions, custom Hulkamania gear, and the ability to unlock the Hulkster himself are some of the things included in this update, titled the Hulkamania Takeover.  This is a free update that is available for both IOS and Android, available now!  

Just in time for Halloween, The Walking Dead Season 1 &2 will be available at retail for PS4, PS3.  Season Two will be available on disk starting October 21st for PS4 and PS3, while the Vita retail disk will ship November 4th.  If you missed season one of Telltale's The Walking Dead, no worries.  Season one will be available at retail on October 14th for PS4, which will contain all the episodes plus the 400 Days add-on.  

A returning fighter for Mortal Kombat X has been revealed today, the sorcerer Quan Chi.  The reveal trailer shows his three fighting styles; sorcerer, warlock, and summoner.  Using the sorcerer style allows Quan Chi to use spells that occupy different parts in the arena, some that will help make himself more powerful or others that will weaken his opponent.  Warlock makes use of inter dimensional dark portals that can create some really interesting combos.  Finally the summoner style allows Quan Chi to summon a demonic beast from the Netherealm to fight with him.  The presentation looks absolutely great, not only in the latest trailer but the past ones as well.  Mortal Kombat X is shaping up to be a must have when it releases next year on April 14th.