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  tag "the authentic gamer" is a community driven gaming network designed to provide you with genuine, quality content.  We are a group of gamers and close friends, with a passion for what we do.  It's time gaming gets the respect it deserves.  tag is about cultivating an environment for constructive dialog, critical analysis, and an honest approach to everything video games. 

  In our goal of respecting games it starts with us respecting you and your time.   What this means is that gaming is a part of our lives, and we treat it the way it deserves to be treated.  We all have heard about writers and outlets taking money/bribes in return for favorable reviews or fake testimonials.  Not here.  Never will tag waste your time with fake content, or risk your trust with dishonest material.  We believe in authenticity, and we will not serve you altered, skewed or cooked editorials.  

  tag is founded and funded by us, because we care about video games and the industry.  We do not answer to a parent company that is only concerned with how to monetize its users more.  We take a minimalist approach, never to bombard you with advertisements everywhere on a page.  No one likes autoplay or content-blocking pop-up ads.  We maintain minimal amounts of ads that never interfere with the experience we are trying to provide.  Instead of optimizing our content for revenue, we prioritize your time first.

  What helps make our system work is a genuine and respectful community, which we invite you to be a part of!  With a passion for gaming, an honest approach to content and respect for the community, tag has the architecture to give you, and the industry, what it deserves.  Thank you for supporting us.

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A very special thanks to the authentic gamer for all of their assistance in Beta testing Iggy. This wouldn't have been possible without you guys! Check them out at http://www.theauthenticgamer.com/

Posted by Iggy's Egg Adventure on Thursday, August 27, 2015