Iggy's Egg Adventure is a modern take on a "prehistoric" genre

by scruffosaurus

  Iggy's Egg Adventure is a 3D side scrolling platformer which takes a modern approach to the classic genre.  Reminiscent of a games I played endlessly as a kid (Donkey Kong Land/Country), Iggy's takes the formula and updates it with all the features we have come to expect from games.  From save states, additional playable characters, character customization via alternate costumes, and a built in Time Attack mode for speed runs, Iggy's Egg Adventure captures that nostalgia feeling without feeling out dated.

  To start with, Iggy's is super cute.  The character designs and costumes are mouth-open-saying-"awwe" adorable.  Also it is kind of bloody in a hilarious, contrasting manner.  Think of it like a less gory Happy Tree Friends, it is so cute until something dies a bloody death.  Iggy is not exempt from those chuckle inducing deaths either; you will find him falling to clever traps, environmental hazards, aggressive cavemen or other dinos.

  With everything working against baby Iggy as he tries to find his mom, one advantage is the simple controls.  Controllers are not only supported, but the best way to navigate the different terrains.  Keyboard is supported as well with both input options providing you with two different buttons for each action.  We suggest taking a quick look at the controls when you start up, it takes only a few seconds and will help you a lot right off the bat.  Iggy's is not much for holding your hand which becomes apparent as you encounter new obstacles as you go.

  Iggy's Egg Adventure starts off pretty simple as it teaches you a lot of the basics in the first world.  As you progress through the different environments new challenges appear that test your platforming skills.  Sneaky predators and environments get increasingly more difficult, challenging even seasoned platformers by the end.  Iggy's has what it takes to be fun for newcomers to this style of game but demanding enough for vets. 

  Iggy's Egg Adventure was created by only two guys over two years, Ginger Labs does a great job with their debut game.  The environments are vibrant and beautiful, the platforming feels good, and the guys at Fat Bard nail the music.  The team here at tag have been testing Iggy's for almost a year now, and still fire it up after launch.  IEA is on sale now on Steam and 10% off until September 3rd, and at $10 Iggy's is a good deal on a good game. 

Iggy's Egg Adventure on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/366040/

Iggy's Egg Adventure website: http://www.iggyseggadventure.com/

Fat Bard Iggy's soundtrack: https://fatbard.bandcamp.com/album/iggys-egg-adventure