Developer Spotlight: Void Softworks

by scruffosaurus

  During the PixelPop game convention in St. Louis, we ran into a couple members from the team at Void Softworks.  After a brief exchange, we decided to head to lunch together for a more extensive discussion.  In our first conversation with their team, it became apparent that Void Softworks has a passion for their work.  They were adamant about their approach for creating a quality game with a genuine experience.  Later that evening we looked up Void Softworks, which lead us to the teaser trailer for their new game, Abigale Cypher.

Abigale Cypher

  Needless to say, we were amazed with what we saw.  The opening scene (shown above) is simply astonishing.  The lighting and reflections, the detail; Abigale Cypher's technical prowess is impressive.  The in-game graphics are remarkable, especially for a team of only six people.  But Void Softworks plans to do more than just dazzle you with graphics alone.  

  It is easy to miss the narrative while marveling at the imagery from the teaser trailer.  The deep-voiced character starts off with a chilling line, "you know, I had a family once".  As the narrator continues talking, he mentions something about the darkness, and about how he hid from it as it took away all of his light.  Then the question gets posed to you: What will you do when the darkness comes to your world and swallows all the light?  Will you run and hide?  Or fight, no matter the cost?  Then the voice ends with saying "I think you will.  And that detective, is why I chose you.  I think you might just save us both."

  So what is this "darkness", and how will you save yourself?  From our talks with Void Softworks, Abigale Cypher is going to be a first-person, adventure/puzzle solving game with some action elements.  That sounds like the perfect amalgamation of genres that could deliver a unique, memorable experience.  As mentioned earlier, you were referred to as "detective", which opens the door to all sorts of gameplay possibilities.  Investigating this darkness in such a gorgeously visualized world sounds spectacular.  To see the full teaser trailer on YouTube, visit

  You can help bring Abigale Cypher to 'light' by supporting Void Softworks via their Go Fund Me campaign.  With the goal of getting to PAX, any bit helps!  Visit their Go Fund Me page at, or via the donation box here (the box may not appear on mobile devices, scroll down for more details!).

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